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Solar Lamp Post Lights

BOMSOLAR Solar lamp post uses sunlight for energy, charge battery during the day and use at night , without complex and expensive pipeline laying and wiring the lighting layout can be adjusted DIY. Safe, energy saving, and eco-friendly. Charging and on/off switching are processed with intelligent control, automatic light control switch, without manual operation, stable and reliable, saving electricity, maintenance-free. BOMSOLAR Solar lamp post is generally with small energy consumption. By increasing or reduce the current in controller, brightness can be adjustable. The system consists of the solar panel, bracket, pole, lamp, LED light source, batteries, battery box, cage and other components. However, most of BOMSOLAR solar lamp post is compact design with all parts built-in. Head shapes colorful and elegant. It can illuminate your garden, parks, playgrounds with wonderful decorative effects. When sufficient battery charged each time working 10-12 hours a day, some items can work for 3~7 cloudy days. BOMSOLAR Solar Lamp Post can also be designed in accordance with the special requirements of users.

Work principle of solar lamp post
Solar photovoltaic panel producing direct current by conversion of light-electricity achieved by the light, then charge the battery by the controller, after that the battery stores electrical energy. At night, the controller automatically discharge the battery, start working automatically without human management.

Application scope of Solar lamp post light
Lighting and decoration for the urban roads, commercial and residential district, parks, tourist zone, plaza etc. BOMSOLAR can transfer the local municipal electric lighting system into a solar lighting system according to user's need.

Advantages of Solar lamp post lights
1. long life-span, illuminating by light-emitting semiconductor (LED) chip, no filament, no glass bulb, shock-resistant, not easy broken, the service life usually is up to 50,000 hours or even 100,000 hours (service life of incandescent is only one thousand hours, common energy saving lamp life is only eight thousand hours)
2. Good for human health, LED light does not contain UV light and infrared light, does not produce radiation (ordinary light contains ultraviolet and infrared)
3 Green and Environment-friendly. No mercury, xenon, and other harmful elements, which is easy to recovery and reuse, and will not produce electromagnetic interference (normal light tube contains mercury and lead elements, energy-saving lamps contains electronic ballasts which produce electromagnetic interference)
4. Protect eyesight, DC drived, no flash (normal lights are AC drived, it will inevitably produce strobe)
5. High light efficiency, small heat. 90 percent of electricity converse into visible light (80% of the energy of incandescent transfer into heat, only 20% of electrical energy transfer into light)
6. High safety factor. Required voltage and current are low, less heat, no security risk, can be used in mines area and other dangerous places
7. Big market potentials. Low-voltage, DC power supply, powered by battery chargeable by solar power. Can be used in remote mountainous areas and outdoor lighting where lack of electricity or less electricity places.

Time length of night time illumination is estimated and subject to various factors including (but not limited to) geographic location, seasons, temperature, weather conditions & location of product etc.Shorter illumination time due to one or more of the above factors does not define the fixture as being defective or define the fixture as being advertised incorrectly.


New launched 10W solar post light

Item No.: BS-3067N

Solar panel: 15W monocrystalline


Battery: 12.8V 10000mAh LiFePO4

Max brightness: 1000lm

Autonomy: 8~10h


Solar post lamp BS-3067

Item No.: BS-3067

Solar panel: 4W monocrystalline


Battery: 3.7V 4400mAh Lithium

Max brightness: 300lm

Autonomy: 8~10h


Solar lamp post

Item No.: BS-3208-ST

Solar panel: 2.4W polycrystalline


Battery: 3.7V 4400mAh Lithium

Max brightness: 200lm

Autonomy: 8~10h


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