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Lampadaire autonome solaire

Solar Street Lights

BOMSOLAR solar street lights with super bright LEDs is an eco-friendly and energy saving solution for remote area and tourism area, and it's a perfect choice for road illumination for those countries which lack of electricity, this product combines two technologies: solar energy and LED lighting, the two technologies complement each other to achieve a truly realization of the energy saving purposes. It uses sunlight for energy, uses solar panels to charge the battery at daytime, uses the battery to power the system at night. It has no need for complex and expensive pipeline laying, the lighting layout can be adjusted, safe and eco-friendly, without manual operation, stable and reliable, saving electricity and maintenance free.

System components of Solar street light
BOMSOLAR solar street lights made of solar module, LED lamp, solar lighting controller, batteries and the poles etc. ; BOMSOLAR solar street lights generally use monocrystalline solar modules which is the highest efficient and compact type of solar module so far, use good branded high light efficiency LED chip as light source which is up to 160lm/Watt. The controller generally placed in the poles, with functions of light control, time control, overcharge and over discharge protection as well as reverse polarity protection, adjusting illumination time in four seasons, intelligent charging and discharging functions, We have PWM type and MPPT type controllers; Batteries generally placed in the ground or a special incubator, usually use valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, or lithium batteries (including Li-ion battery and LiFePO4 two types). BOMSOLAR Solar street light automatically work without requiring trenching cabling, however, the poles need to plant in the embedded parts (concrete base).

BOMSOLAR focus on R&D and manufacture of new type all in one solar street light, also known as integrated solar street light. This type of solar street light puts all above components solar module, solar charger, LED parts and battery into one unit. So it's very easy to install, it's plug in product which what you need is only screw drivers. Compared with traditional solar street light, all in one solar street light can save a lot of money for you on the install.

Solar street light Solar street light Solar street light

solar post integrated street light 10w

Item No.: BS-3038C-10W

Solar panel: 20W Monocrystalline

LED: 12W

Battery: 12.8V 10Ah Lithium

Max brightness: 1200lm

Working time: 24 hrs~36 hrs

Size: 505*505*480mm

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Solar apple light

Item No.: BS-2013-6W

Solar panel: 10W Polycrystalline


Battery: 3.2V 15Ah LiFePO4

Max brightness: 600-660lm

Working time: 24 hrs~36 hrs

Size: 350*300*250mm

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Solar moon light

Item No.: BS-2013-9W

Solar panel: 15W Polycrystalline


Battery: 3.2V 20Ah LiFePO4

Max brightness: 600-660lm

Working time: 24 hrs~36 hrs

Size: 500*300*300mm

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Integrated solar street light

Item No.: BS-2038-A

Solar panel: 50W Monocrystalline

LED: 36W

Battery: 11.1V 22Ah Lithium

Max brightness: 4320lm

Working time: 24 hrs~36 hrs

Size: 825*670*300mm

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