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Linterna solar portátiles para campamento | Lámpara solar de camping

Portable Solar Lanterns

BOMSOLAR portable solar lanterns are very nice portable lighting device suitable for either indoor or outdoor small remote lighting needs covering a full range of 360°. These units can be used for a wide variety of uses including power outages, emergencies, storms, hurricances and such like. They can also be used outside for camping, hiking, hunting or fishing etc. BOMSOLAR Portable Solar Lanterns have triple charging capability, can be charged by solar panel, DC car lighter as well as conventional AC during rainy season.
The portable solar lantern system consist of super bright LEDs, battery and high efficient electronics all placed in a suitable compact enclosure along with an external Solar PhotoVoltaic module (Mono/poly crystalline solar panel). Housing materials can be chose from plastic, Aluminium or stainless steel. Handles are equipped in for convenient carrying. 6V 3.0AH~4.5AH sealed lead acid battery is charged by electricity generated by the PV cells. Portable Solar Lanterns are economical, maintenance free and environmental friendly, worth of taking!

Time length of night time illumination is estimated and subject to various factors including (but not limited to) geographic location, seasons, temperature, weather conditions & location of product etc.Shorter illumination time due to one or more of the above factors does not define the fixture as being defective or define the fixture as being advertised incorrectly.


Portable solar lantern with phone charger

Item No.: BS-6661

Solar panel: 1.5W polycrystalline


Battery: 3.7V 2500mAh Lithium

Max brightness: 100lm

Autonomy: 4~16h

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high lumen solar lantern

Item No.: BS-6641

Solar panel: 3W monocrystalline


Battery: 6V 4500mAh Lead acid

Max brightness: 300lm

Autonomy: 8~10h

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solar lantern

Item No.: BS-6636

Solar panel: 1.5W monocrystalline


Battery: 4V 3500mAh Lead acid

Max brightness: 300lm

Autonomy: 8~10h

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