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Solar street light system components
BOMIN solar street lights components include solar modules (including stand), LED lamp, solar lighting controller, batteries (including battery incubator) and the poles etc. ; BOMIN solar street lights generally use solar modules of polycrystalline silicon or monocrystalline silicon; It generally use high-power LED as light source; the controller generally placed in the poles, with functions of light control, time control, overcharge and over discharge protection as well as reverse polarity protection, more advanced controllers also have additional functions of adjusting illumination time in four seasons, half-power, intelligent charging and discharging functions; Batteries generally placed in the ground or a special incubator, valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, or lithium batteries and other iron aluminum batteries, Li batteries. BOMIN Solar street light automatically work without requiring trenching cabling, however, the poles need to plant in the embedded parts (concrete base).

How does Solar street lights work
BOMIN solar lights can work more than 7 days of rainy weather, the system work principle is simple. Use the photovoltaic effect principle made solar panels, solar radiation received during the day and converted into electrical energy output, stored in batteries by the controller. When the illumination gradually reduced to 10lux and solar panels open circuit voltage is about 4.5V, the controller can detect this voltage value situation, then the battery discharge energy to the lamp. After 8.5 hours of battery discharge (time control) or light controller detect the sun (light control), the controller end battery discharging. The controller's main role is to protect the battery.

Application Scope
BOMIN solar street light mainly applicable to lighting for urban roads, highways, residential square, industrial parks, tourist attractions, parks and other places with green.
Advantages of LED light source
1. High luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, low operating temperature.
2. Safe and reliable.
3. Fast response, small size unit, green and eco-friendly.
4. In the same brightness, its power consumption is one-tenth of incandescent, one-third of fluorescent, while its life span is 50 times of incandescent, 20 times of fluorescent. It is the fourth generation of lighting products following incandescent, fluorescent, gas discharge lamp.
5. After the generation of single high-power ultra-bright LED, LED applications reach the high efficiency lighting time, it is one of the greatest inventions following the Edison invented the incandescent lamp .

Solar panels and battery configuration for solar street light
solar panels and battery configuration formula:
First, calculate the current
For example: 12V battery system, 2 pcs lamps, 30W each , total for 60 watts. Current = 60W ÷ 12V = 5 A
Second, calculate the battery capacity needs
For example: needs street lighting for the total full load 7 hours (h) per night; (switch on at 8:00 pm, turn off one road at 11:30 pm, open 2 Road at 4:30 am, close all at 5:30 am) , need to meet 5 rainy days continuous lighting. (5 days plus the night before the rainy days, total 6 days) battery capacity= 5A × 7h × (5 +1) days = 5A × 42h = 210 AH, in order to prevent battery overcharge and over discharge, batteries are typically charged to 90 percent; discharge remaining 20%. So in real application we use only 70% of 210AH.
Third, calculate the peak demand for solar panels (WP)
lighting needs total 7 hours (h) per night; solar panel accept an average effective illumination time of 4.5 hours (h) each day; at least set aside 20% of the amount. WP ÷ 17.4V = (5A × 7h × 120%) ÷ 4.5h WP ÷ 17.4V = 9.33 WP = 162 (W)
Remarks: 4.5h day light hours of sunshine is the lighting factor in area around Guangdong Province. In addition, in the solar street light system, line loss, the loss of control, ballast or current source of power are different, the practical application may be about 5% -25%. So 162W is only theoretical value, we need to increase according to the needs.

Related components selection for Solar street light program
Light source: Choose LED lighting, LED lamps has features of long life, soft light, reasonable price, you can achieve power regulation when there are few pedestrians at night time, it is conducive to saving, which can reduce the configuration panels, saving cost. Illumination efficiency is about 80-105lm per watt, the light decline should be less 5%;
12V battery: maintenance-free lead-acid battery, affordable, stable performance, should be the first choice for solar street lighting system;
Solar Panels: single-crystal silicone panels with conversion rate of 15% or more;
24V Controller: MCT charge mode, with adjustment function;
Pole: 6 to 10 meters (select based on form beautiful, durable and good cost performance)


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