Wednesday 21st of February 2018

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What is the bottleneck of autonomy solar garden light and its solutions?

What is the bottleneck of solar garden light and its solutions?

Due to the efficiency limit of solar light (the best is 17% nowadays), the luminous value is limited.

Many customers asked us to enlarge the LED power to get brighter. it's easy to do, but autonomy problem comes if we increase the LED power. If we increase the LED power, we need to increase the battery volume, then we need to increase the solar panel power so that the battery can be full charged after 1 sunny day. Solar penel power depends on its area, we can not increase the area as we want because the lamp head size is fixed.

Sometimes I heard complaints from some new customers, they said they have bought some solar lights (not from our company), but the working time is very short, only a few hours, not as long as the supplier mentioned (some supplier stated 3~5 cloudy days for solar garden light). That because the specification of solar lights they bought were not correctly configured. It's not possible to get 10~12 hrs per day, 3~5 cloudy days if the solar panel is only 2~3W(common solar panel power of solar garden light), e.g., 8~10 hrs is usually the best we can get for a 100~200 lumens light;

Currently, the following solutions are good for high brightness solar light;

1. PIR motion sensor; There are 3 sensor modes, some LEDs standy, the rest light up by PIR; half or less power standy (all the LEDs light up when no movement detected, in half power or very few lumens), full power by PIR; Not light up when no movement, full light up when movement detected.

2. Multi-level or timer; solar light full power light up at the first dark time, then less and less lumens after using. Or set a switch 2~3 levels for users, they can choose weak level with longer autonomy or strong level with shorter autonomy.

3. supplement to main power AC, users can switch to AC power in rainy days


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