Sunday 25th of February 2018

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welcome to BOMSOLAR

BOMSOLAR is a well-established manufacturer of SOLAR LIGHT and SOLAR APPLICATION PRODUCTS which dedicated to the design and manufacture of SOLAR LED LIGHTS such as SOLAR STREET LIGHTS, SOLAR GARDEN LIGHTS, HOME SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS and other SOLAR APPLICATION PRODUCTS based in Zhuhai City of Guangdong Province, an area with a high concentration of technology, resources and employee training in China.

BOMSOLAR persistently strives for discovering SOLAR illumination solutions and DIY decoration, Eco-friendly and with energy saving, to light up and beatify people’s life by making use of the most popular renewable and clean energy, SOLAR ENERGY, consequently achieves sustainable development and protects the environment for the world. BOMSOLAR has significant market positions in the Solar Lighting, Solar Power System sector in China and is well known for its high quality standards, dazzling innovation of products and excellent customer service in its markets.
As a fully controlled member of Bomin Industrial Group, it has successfully inherited the corporate philosophy of insistence on rigid quality standard and emphasis on customer service and social responsibilities in its mother company. BOMSOLAR provides wide expertise in solar energy applications and solar LED lights produced in its own manufacturing plants. 
As a professional solar LED light and solar application product manufacturer, BOMSOLAR has rich experience on design, manufactures and marketing service for solar lighting industry. Our main markets are in Europe, USA, Middle East and Northeast Asia.

public solar street light

Solar and Wind powered Street Lights (also known as solar-PV hybrid street light), solar street light, All in one Solar Street Lights, Solar Roadway Lights, Solar Burried Lights, Solar Traffic Lights, Solar lamp post light, Solar post lantern, Solar landscape light etc;

Solar moom light All in one solar street light 20W All in one solar street light

garden solar light

Solar Garden Lights, Solar Walk Way Lights, Solar Decorative Lights, Solar Shed Lights,  Solar Spot Lights, Solar security light, Solar Flood Lights, Solar Bollards, Solar Wall Lights, Solar Lamp Posts, Solar Flashlights, Solar table lights, Solar Torch, Solar Deck Lights, Solar Ground lights, Solar Lanterns, solar fence light, solar post cap light, solar step light, Solar Indoor Lighting Kits; 

Solar pillar light Solar wall light Solar spot light 2W
20W solar flood light Solar stake light Solar bollard
Solar lamp post Solar post cap light Solar flower light

Indoor solar light
Solar String Lights, Solar Atmosphere Lights, Solar Christmas Lights, Solar Fairy Lights, Solar flower lights, Solar Camping Lights, Solar umbrella lights; 

Solar home lighting system Solar indoor light Portable solar lantern

solar power system
Photovoltaic module, Monocrystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous solar panels,  Flexible thin film solar panels, solar controllers, off-grid inverters, on-grid inverters, solar cables, solar connector and plugs, solar battery, compact all-in-one controller-inverter house box etc. Solar shingles, solar tile/roof materials etc.;

Solar module Solar shingle All in one solar power kit
Solar controller Solar inverter Solar mounting system

Solar application
Solar mosquito killer, solar mole repeller, solar irrigation pump, solar fountain, solar bird repellant, solar refrigerator, solar air conditioning, Solar attic exhaust fans etc.

Solar backpack Solar folded material Solar charger
Solar hand crank radio Solar mosquito killer Solar attic fan

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