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BOMSOLAR-China Solar light Manufacturer


Zhuhai Bomin Solar technology Co., Ltd. (Registered brand is BOMSOLAR) is a well-established manufacturer of solar light which dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and sales of LED solar lights based in Guangdong Province, an area with a high concentration of technology, resources and employee training in China.

BOMSOLAR persistently strives for discovering high-efficiency illumination solutions and beatifying the people’s life by making use of the most easy getting renewable and clean energy, SOLAR. consequently achieves sustainable development and protects the environment. BOMSOLAR has significant market positions in the Solar Lighting sector in China and is well known for its high quality standards, dazzling innovation of products and excellent customer service in its markets.

As a fully controlled member of Bomin Group, it has successfully inherited the corporate philosophy of insistence on rigid quality standard and emphasis on customer service and social responsibilities in its mother company. BOMSOLAR provides wide expertise in solar energy applications and solar LED lights.

Involved in solar lighting industry since 2006, BOMSOLAR now has become one of the most professional solar light manufacturers in China with rich experience on design and manufacture for solar light. Our main markets are in Europe, USA, South America, Middle East and North east Asia.

As the Earth's principal nonrenewable energy resources such as coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power are becoming scarce, new sustainable energy becomes focus in people's eyes. Solar energy became more and more popular nowadays because of its easy-getting, green and sustainable. Consequently solar energy application products are boomed especially the solar lights. Compared with traditional outdoor light, solar light has the irreplaceable features;

1. Powered by solar, no wiring needed, easy to DIY install; 
2. Completely green and Eco-friendly, no pollution to the environment;
3. Free of maintenance, automatically turn on at dark, turn off at dawn; 
4. Equipped with LEDs, has long service time.

Besides solar lights, our another focus key business is solar power system as well as other solar application products such as solar shingles, solar refrigerator, solar air conditioning, solar agriculture irrigation pump, solar mosquito killer, solar mole repeller, solar chargers etc.

Products include the following items:

1. For public road illumination:

Solar and Wind powered Street Lights, Solar Street Lights, Solar Roadway Lights, Solar Traffic Lights, Solar post lamp, Solar landscape light;

2. For home and garden:

Solar Shed Lights, Solar Walk Way Lights, Solar Spot Lights, Solar security light, Solar Flood Lights, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Wall Lights, Solar Lamp Posts, Solar Flashlights, Solar table lights, Solar Torch, Solar Deck Lights, Solar Ground lights, Solar Lanterns, Solar Indoor Lighting Kits;

3. For gifts and decoration:

Solar String Lights, Solar Atmosphere Lights, Solar Christmas Lights, Solar Fairy Lights, Solar flower lights;

4. For other applications:

Solar Camping Lights, Solar umbrella lights, Solar Mosquito Killer lights, Solar Mole Repeller etc.;

5. Main components:.

PhotoVoltaic kits, Solar PV Panels, Solar Chargers, Solar Controllers

We have Tooling (mould making), plastic injection workshop, Solar controller workshop, Solar module making workshop and assembly lines for solar light assembly and packing.

solar light mould making

Solar controller producing

solar panel making

Solar panel making

Solar light assembly

We do all necessary testing for solar LED light, for example, LED brightness test, Plastic anti-yellowing test, Metal salt spray test, IP protection test, Solar panel performance test, battery test and solar controller/battery aging test.

Solar light testing

Accessibility and Flexibility
Walk-ins welcome, multinational companies, medium and small businesses or individuals. We offer fast, flexible, and customer-driven operation to all kinds of customers. Whether you need large quantities and fast turnaround or specialized, small-volume runs, BOMIN can do it.

Reliable, On-Time Delivery
Getting the finished product to you exactly when and where you need it is a BOMIN priority. Our logistics and scheduling system can handle your most demanding delivery needs. Whether your delivery is based on production, marketing, just-in-time& or zero-inventory schedules, we make it happen.

Unsurpassed Customer Service and Technical Support
Responsiveness is not just a word to us, it's our way of doing business. We will always operate with integrity and pursue the best interests of our customers because we understand how difficult customers are to find, and how important they are to keep.

BOMIN’s Vision describes the path that the Company will take in the coming years. It clearly defines the goals that we set out to achieve. All strategic decisions are based on this Vision.
To be one of the most innovative companies in Solar LED Lighting Industry.
To contribute to society by continuously developing better products to improve the comfort and quality of people's lives, and develop renewable energy application solutions for human beings.
To be the best strategic collaboration partner of our customers.
To strive for consistent profitable growth in harmony with nature and society

BOMIN’s Values describe the approach and the manner in which we want to work to achieve our goals.
Innovation drives everything we do
BOMIN is not a company with a set way of doing things. We are committed to dynamic science. New thinking and new ideas are always welcomed at BOMIN, We are passionate about embracing breakthrough thinking, asking unasked questions, uncovering new opportunities and enhancements so that we can constantly find new ways to do things better, to develop technologically advanced solutions for our customers and to keep our innovative edge.

We seek to sustain our Customers' Future Competitiveness
BOMIN is more than just a manufacturer and supplier of solar light, and solar application products. We place customer's future at the heart of our operations. Our business activities are oriented towards adding long-term value to our customers. We know what is good for our customers today is not necessarily good enough for them tomorrow. We are passionate about developing sustainable solutions today to the questions that our customers will meet tomorrow, we work closely together with our customers and jointly develop products, procedures and services that are on a high scientific and technical level.

We operate on Integrity and Responsibility
Integrity and responsibility are essential in our business dealings. We know people will consider we’re a company that can be trusted as long we conduct ethical and responsible behavior. We comply with the laws and respect the good business practices of the regions in which we operate and deny any bribery or unethical practices.

We strive for Sustainable Development
Constant profitable growth in the sense of Sustainable Development is the basic requirement for all of our activities. We are committed to the creation of shareholder and societal value with strong environmental performance, from minimizing the environmental impact of our facilities to developing innovative solutions that enhance beauty and protect our surroundings.


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